-resets the "Days since I compiled GCC from source" counter-

How's your day going?

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"checking size of long long... configure: error: in `~/KallistiOS/utils/dc-chain/build-gcc-arm-eabi-8.4.0/gcc':
configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (long long)"

And that's why we don't do that on macOS (I'm sure it's XCode's fault somehow...). Brb, dusting off the old Ubuntu VM.

... which promptly started an `unattended-upgrade` process that is holding the dpkg lock hostage. Can't catch a break, can I?

Finally managed to compile the OpenGL demos for KallistiOS... only took me like an hour to figure out that my GCC was too new and defaulted to a new, incompatible C standard version that broke the inline keyword...

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