-resets the "Days since I compiled GCC from source" counter-

How's your day going?


"checking size of long long... configure: error: in `~/KallistiOS/utils/dc-chain/build-gcc-arm-eabi-8.4.0/gcc':
configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (long long)"

And that's why we don't do that on macOS (I'm sure it's XCode's fault somehow...). Brb, dusting off the old Ubuntu VM.

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... which promptly started an `unattended-upgrade` process that is holding the dpkg lock hostage. Can't catch a break, can I?

Finally managed to compile the OpenGL demos for KallistiOS... only took me like an hour to figure out that my GCC was too new and defaulted to a new, incompatible C standard version that broke the inline keyword...

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