Remembering 2000's media art projects - This is sCrAmBlEd? HaCkZ!, a system that chops up videos, indexes the parts by their audio snippets and retrieves them in real time based on any audio input. It can even be used as a makeshift voice synthesizer!

Original website is gone, but there's an archived copy:

Another one: fijuu2 (

It's a sort of 3D, loop-based, multi-instrument. There's a few different modes, and each produces unique sounds and matching visualizations. Here's what it looks like in action:

The comments draw a line of inspiration to Autechre's Gantz Graf and yeah, I see it.

I can also imagine inspiration from Harmonix' first product, The Axe

And also, inspiration rippling forward in time to Media Molecule's Dreams (PS4):

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