Mobile OS Rant 

Every now and then I give my Jolla Phone a charge and return to the parallel universe of Sailfish OS.

Where apps for services only exist because that service is great enough that it has at least one user that's so enthusiastic they *made* that app.

Where those apps all follow the OS design. Every single one I've used has the same, consistent, color scheme and interaction paradigm. I have gripes with the UX, but inconsistency is not one of them.

Mobile OS Rant 

Where a 4.5" screen works

Where a 7 year old device is still receiving official software updates and working fine.

Where you, the user, can buy a license for the OS to get support.

Feels like everyone else took several wrong turns...

Mobile OS Rant 

And actually, another thing that's pretty cool about it is that, since dragging the screen down reveals options that are enabled when you release the drag (harder to describe than it is to do), you can't refresh a feed or a website by simply dragging down (i.e. by just repeating you scrolling motion).
Refreshing a feed, getting new content, is a conscious act (although whether by confidence or by design, I can't tell)

Mobile OS Rant 

Now for the bad stuff:
There seems to be an upper limit for scroll speed on Sailfish. Great for performance (you can predict that it will take the user at least this many ms to reach off-screen content, no need to render it any earlier), not so good for responsibility.

I don't like the gestures. Intellectually, I get how "back to home screen" is the same thing as "back within an app", only more so.
But it's too easy to do one of those things when you mean to do the other.

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