I'm learning how to fix a KitchenAid today. I'm missing some of the proper tools, and replacement parts are still in the mail, but this is fun!
I'm so happy I could take this off of someone who didn't know how to fix it, instead of buying a brand new one :)

one thing I didn't think of before: there's pretty strict regulations for how to dispose of grease, and anything that's come into contact with it, in Germany. Guess I'll have to keep that until the next trip to the hazardous waste disposal station.

this thing is amazing, btw. no glue, just a handful of flat head/phillips screws, and built like a tank.
even the striped gear is a sign of that: it's the only one in the chain that's not metal, but nylon - so that when you inevitably over-stress the mixer, that one gear breaks, rather than the entire thing blowing up, or bending out of shape permanently, or burning out

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