vent re: audacity bs 

@cypnk they collect basic system info,

plus whatever the fuck law enforcement wants?

wow, okay. thanks. glad my audio editor will just spy on me whenever the cops feel like it. that's where I needed that.

they also legally have to tell you that you can't use audacity if you're under 13, because they collect info on you. which is like. okay. guess that preteens aren't allowed to do basic computer things any more because they're not marketable any more


vent re: audacity bs 

@clarfonthey @cypnk

> [...] in compliance with the GDPR [...]

Yeah, the website literally has a cookie banner that does not comply with the GDPR - no simple "reject" button, and even in the "I want to opt out" menu, everything is selected by default (I believe that everything that isn't essential should be de-selected).

That does not inspire confidence.

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