There's a tiny robot adorably, yet orderly, bumbling around my kitchen mopping the floors. It has bump sensors only, no wifi, and manages to clean an entire room without missing a spot, using half a cup of water in the process.

Why can't more technology be like this?

living room looking like a raytracing demo this morning

I'm learning how to fix a KitchenAid today. I'm missing some of the proper tools, and replacement parts are still in the mail, but this is fun!
I'm so happy I could take this off of someone who didn't know how to fix it, instead of buying a brand new one :)

Gotta respect Amazon leaning into the"surveiling our customers 24/7" angle this hard.

100% normal, definitely not cursed in any way, fruit

Ah, yes, the country of Defraa. Always wanted to go!


(first time I've used, and it's awesome)

TIL: there's a type of battery (aka LR1 or N) that's commonly called (by manufacturers, too) "Lady".

The best reason I could find is "it's sometimes used in vibrators". Is that really it, or is there another explanation?

This airport Sushi place is a Dreamcast game from 2001

Finally got my hands on a LaserDisc of something I actually want to watch - with subs, no less!

(it looks that way a little, but I'm *not* punching Dexter here ;__; he's leaning into a pet, good cat that he is)

Anyone have a clue what this list is sorted by?

It's obviously not English name.

It's not The German country names (this is Lufthansa's website) either, because that should put Denmark ("Dänemark") before Germany ("Deutschland") and Algeria somewhere else entirely.

Same for each country's name in its native language, or locale codes (de, da etc.)

I'm at a loss here.


(I mean, I know, but understanding why this happens doesn't make it any less confusing)

You vs The Equation She Tells You Not To Worry About

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