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Anyone have a clue what this list is sorted by?

It's obviously not English name.

It's not The German country names (this is Lufthansa's website) either, because that should put Denmark ("Dänemark") before Germany ("Deutschland") and Algeria somewhere else entirely.

Same for each country's name in its native language, or locale codes (de, da etc.)

I'm at a loss here.


(I mean, I know, but understanding why this happens doesn't make it any less confusing)

You vs The Equation She Tells You Not To Worry About

*closes 15 tabs of TikZ / LaTeX references*

Today in: Things you probably shouldn't inadvertently take in the carry-on on an intercontinental flight


Who do you think would win?

25 debug log statements


1 scopey boi?

JavaScript hijinks 

ah, yes, this is why I have trouble acclimating to^W^W^W^Wlove JavaScript

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