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#Blender’s new asset browser basically turns it into a video game, it’s pretty much The Sims at this point. Drag and drop and done – this will make things a lot easier for 2D artists who use it as a base for paintovers. Mind-blowing. 🤯


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Despite Deere's lobbying, patronizing and FUD, the right to repair has - finally - triumphed.

Today, the Biden administration announced an executive order directing the Department of Ag and the FTC to develop R2R rules for agricultural equipment!


The fight's not over yet. The devil is in the details, those rules the FTC and Ag develop.


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I felt the pull of a summoning, and was dragged to the depths of Hell again.
"What now?" I say as I appear in the mystic sigil.
"Hi, Bob," the demon says. "Our printer has stopped working."
"Release a soul."
"You want my I.T support? You summon me from my sofa? You pay."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

vent re: audacity bs 

@clarfonthey @cypnk

> [...] in compliance with the GDPR [...]

Yeah, the website literally has a cookie banner that does not comply with the GDPR - no simple "reject" button, and even in the "I want to opt out" menu, everything is selected by default (I believe that everything that isn't essential should be de-selected).

That does not inspire confidence.

@tindall I think we're getting closer to deploying - a lot of neat things are just one click away in my Synology NAS' "app store". I'm afraid that maintaining things is the higher barrier, or will be soon.

@technomancy @tindall I was under the impression that IPv6 should make things much easier in that regard, right?
(if your ISP gives you v6 addresses, mine doesn't......)

@ticky XML Extended Universe (includes tinyxml/2)

@embr And Skate the Infinity completes the triad with Skate Dio!

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"You were built for more than this, you know," the other doll says, arms folded across a neat black tunic. "These bodies… no breath, no heat signature, no motion but what we will, nothing to betray us to a target. No vital organs, no fatigue. Only mechanism and spirit."

"Perfect assassins," you reply. It's a conversation you two have had before.

"Precisely. And yet, here you are, hiding from no one in the palace library, in that ridiculous domestic uniform," she waves a precisely carved and jointed hand, "triumphant over… what? Dust, and the occasional silverfish?"

"Just dust. I put down cryptomeria oil for the silverfish months ago."

"Not even silverfish, then. Just dust. How do you live like this?"

"Beautifully. Happily. I chose this duty, if you'll recall, because I like books, and chose this dress, because *she* likes it. And I can't help but notice that when you're not stabbing strangers, rather than hang around the armory, you seem to come here quite a lot, hmm?"

"Well… umm…"

"…because you like watching me work far more than anyone likes watching you work? No blushes, either. Bet you're glad for that."

"You've… I've… argh!"

"Now run along, I've got to get the shelf behind you."

She turns and vanishes in what might have been a huff were it not so quiet. You raise your feather duster in mock salute.

"There's a good perfect assassin. Come back any time!"

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for those of you who don't know why Germans call capivaras "water piggies"

@Polychrome continuous OS releases robbed us of the opportunity to make new OS-tans 😭

@goat buying a printer *from* 2021 is, imo.
The trick is to get a used OfficeJet from the 90s/early 2000s.
No drivers, no wifi, probably comes with a half-full toner cartridge that's going to last longer than you live (ours has something like 20k pages' worth left).

(if you want high quality glossy color prints, this might not work)

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my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

@owl I've seen kind of the reverse with "Industrie 4.0", where some people turn that into "industry four point oh" in English, but others say "Industrie four point oh"

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