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It feels like an unpopular opinion, but liking things is more fun than hating things, and talking about things you like will make you feel better about life than talking about things you hate.

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@tindall for personal stuff, I use a customized emacs, but at work, I use a pretty vanilla setup. Basically, if there's a decent chance someone else is going to use that machine (for pair programming etc.), I want them to be able to.

This extends to keyboard layouts and window managers. i3 is nice, but only if you know the keyboard shortcuts, and there's no way to intuit them. Similar argument for keyboards: If you hand me a keyboard, the layout better match the caps.

@oddity I hate that the meter makes me read it as an-TEE-fa, but other than that A+

@l3viathan wh- how? Das muss dann doch einen custom usb-Treiber haben, oder?

ohhh, oder es verhält sich wie ein Touchscreen/Grafiktablett und integriert die Mausbewegungen. So many horrible possibilities

@l3viathan Ich glaube das Modell hätte theoretisch sogar unterstützt, die Mausgeschwindigkeit zu ändern. Auch auf HID-Ebene o.O

@l3viathan Convenience! </s>
das beste daran ist, dass die Sequenz keinen Timeout hat - vorm Bildschirm-sperren zuletzt ctrl gedrückt, zwei Stunden später nochmal ctrl zum Aifwecken, erstes Zeichen im Passwort eine Zahl, zack bumm, Output gewechselt /o\

@l3viathan pro tip: manche von denen haben Keyboard shortcuts. Auf der Arbeit hatte einer die Sequenz "ctrl-ctrl-X" um zu Rechner X zu wechseln. Das ist dauernd ungeplant passiert und alle haben sich gewundert warum der switch random zwischen Outputs wechselt...

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A cool color finder tool that lets you find by entering a word or an idea. For example "autumn" gives me a nice list of beautiful red, orange, yellow colors


Heh. The label on my toothpaste says "wirkt natürlich".

There's two ways to read that:
1. read "natürlich" an an adverb - now the phrase means "works naturally" (i.e. without additives, I guess?)
2. "wirkt" can also mean "appears/seems", so another valid translation is "appears natural". Probably not what they're going for, but certainly funnier.

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There’s never a day I’m not thinking about the Arcane Kids manifesto. arcanekids.com/manifesto

@alva (I guess"release" does something similar in English, but the connotation of just letting something go into the wild vs explicitly *giving* it to someone is different still)

@alva that sounds related to the German "Ausgabe". I could roll with that as the German word, I like how it puts more focus on the fact that you're handing your software to someone, that there's a process and a reason to it



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