got to delete several thousand lines of code at work today!

@tindall And you know they'd block websites within Safari if they thought they could get away with it :/

@anarchiv If a system is secure, it's hard for outside parties to "break in" (i.e. encryption, physical locks, air-gapping networks).
There's different facets of safety (memory safety when programming, fuctional safety for machines, probably others I'm forgetting/don't know in the first place), but it boils down to preventing (or at least reducing the likelihood of) harm.

@anarchiv I mean, in an industrial setting, safety is explicitly that. Whether via hardware (lockout/tag out, sensors that disable a machine when a human is nearby), software, or regulations (the manual tells you to *not do* things that might harm you).

I was under the impression that Knox is more of a *security* feature, which is a different, but also sound, argument.

It's also reasonable to argue they've gone too far, given the comparably small risk, but it's not *not* safety.

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@polychrome Damn, that's a Bop!
Have you watched Vandread? I only got a few episodes in, then it dropped off my radar (similar thing happened with Nadesico...)

Running with @ifixcoinops 's idea:

I've got an iPad Air 2, 64GB, with a red Smart Cover, that I'd like to get rid of and get a newer one. Works flawlessly, battery is fine, has a tiny nick on the front bezel.

Any Germany based followers want it?

Apple would give me ~120€ if I traded it in, so anything more than that (plus shipping) I'd be stoked with!

There's a tiny robot adorably, yet orderly, bumbling around my kitchen mopping the floors. It has bump sensors only, no wifi, and manages to clean an entire room without missing a spot, using half a cup of water in the process.

Why can't more technology be like this?

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"The Oxford comma sometimes makes sentences nonsensical. Here's an example:

Without: I sometimes enjoy eating pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs.

With: I sometimes enjoy eating pizza, hamburgers, and the Oxford comma."

@polychrome I mean, we're effectively being notified by suddenly getting SMS spam 🙃

@embr Symphogear just has good names in general

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Things that are EXTREMELY my shit: this adorable form

true story: my wife-to-be gave me this form to finish filling out, long before we started dating. I still have it in a drawer somewhere.

Normalize piecemeal relationship building!!

@owl you mean the completely horizontal 10cm in front of mouth thing people do?

@ticky "You're my brand new car" is... it's a line, for sure 😁

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