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Some good news:

A years-long project to develop a systematic way to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch finished an important test a couple of days ago. It removed a large amount of plastic. Like, so much that with about 15 additional copies of that test equipment, the entire patch could be cleaned in a few years.


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@hafnia American tourist in Montreal goes up to the hotel front desk. “Why is it that when I turn the knob marked C, I get hot water?” “Well, sir, the C stands for chaud, which is the French word for hot.” “Hmm, ok, that makes sense. But why is the othe knob also marked C?” “That C stands for cold, sir. You know, Canada is a bilingual country.”

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As a result of a critical system failure on October 3rd of 2021, Misskey.io's has been rolled back to a backup made on April 4th of 2021.

In accordance with this, all account data has also been reset to the state it was in at the point this backup was made. We are greatly sorry for the inconvenience, but would like to ask users of remote instances that have followed users from Misskey.io between the above stated timespan to please cancel and re-follow the users that they have followed, as while it may seem like you are following them, this is not being correctly reflected.

Additionally, we would be happy if you could please spread the news of this post to as many people as you are able to.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the great trouble caused by this incident and ask for both understanding and cooperation in this matter.


@zkat pretty much automatic on my PSU/Synology combination. Synology has a compatibility list: synology.com/en-global/compati

Your Synology can then also be a network UPS server that tells other things to shut down, which I assume takes some more setup.

@owl ooh, I’ve never seen textured black keys like that!

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I just learned about demo.f4map.com which has a 3D rendering of #openstreetmaps data

brought to my attention by @glacasa

@zkat I think the answer’s a used/refurb phone - it won’t lose much value in 30 days, just keep the packaging and re-sell :)

@zkat I recently did this and am happy with that choice. FWIW, the 2020 SE is a great phone and reasonably cheap refurbed.

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@christinelove @OhPoorPup Thanks for the reminder! I tried earlier and didn’t realize bandcamp’s iOS app doesn’t allow you to buy stuff in-app…
I’m extremely hype for everything about this game, congrats on the release!

@mogwai_poet Also, I really appreciate Good Sudoku in this regard. It has several difficulty settings, and is consistent about what types of challenge are "allowed" in each. Its endless mode is my puzzle comfort food.

@mogwai_poet it also makes taking a break real hard. Like, I don't think I'll ever pick up Steven's Sausage Roll again, because I no longer possess the specialized brand of Galaxy Brain I got from playing it for two weeks straight. I get it though, it's fun (for both player and designer, I'm guessing) to keep pushing the envelope on a simple rule set.

@embr There's a weird German Rapper comfort food/beverage arms race going on. There's also Bra Tea, and I think both also sell frozen pizza and stuff.

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