@tindall that reminds me of the (dearly departed) Unununium project techtalkz.com/threads/unununiu

Do you have a vision for what the UX of such a system would look like, especially on a mobile device?

@thomasfuchs the *real* trick is to only have one mood so you can buy in bulk

@BestGirlGrace @oolongstains certainly doesn't look like any penis I've seen ¯\_( ツ)_/¯

@BestGirlGrace @oolongstains I can't help but read that one in particular as a dialog.
DMV clerk 1: "Hot and sexy."
DMV 2: *pulls up applicant's driver's license photo, nods approvingly* "Yes."

@BestGirlGrace @oolongstains Also, the fact that anything sexual is verboten *unless* the person applying is a (presumably) white mom is hilarious to me.

@mogwai_poet in that vein: I'm super grateful to be able to replay Frog Fractions - and for free!

@misty still waiting for a language that uses deculture as a keyword


(first time I've used souvenir.cam, and it's awesome)

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coders and non-coders of the fediverse: what is your **favorite ever** monospaced font?

(boosts? i like monospaced fonts.)

@olivia Ooh, I didn't. Also, scrolling through the comparison widget on Victor Mono's homepage, I found connary.com/cartograph.html, which has a nicer cursive f imo

@olivia the non-italic one, at least. I like how... severe that one looks. The italic one feels derpy to me, and too close in shape to the l.

I'm a huge sucker for the "italics are cursive" gimmick on both Operator and Dank though.

@olivia Honorable mention to Dank Mono ( dank.sh ) and Operator ( typography.com/blog/introducin ) for being paid fonts.

I'm all for paying for quality tools, and programming fonts absolutely are tools, but I still like other fonts better than these two for petty reasons (like the shape of their curly braces).

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@ben and also finding interpretations of numbers that are artful - the most beautiful song in the world is worthless if you cannot decipher the codec.

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@Cheatha gerade mein neues NAS fertig mit der USV verkabelt, Backups sollten dann heute Abend passieren 👍

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