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@mcc are we still doing ? Because I have one (at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon)

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Last year I discovered the joy of using masking fluid with watercolour paints and in this little experiment I really went to town with it! All the lines are made by painting masking fluid, then adding a layer of watercolour, then repeat adding darker layers each time. Peeling off the masking fluid is incredibly satisfying.

#MastoArt #watercolor #watercolour

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Here's my new minimalist creative coding playground!

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What animations can YOU make using JavaScript and 64 sliders? 🎚️✨

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pdfimages works by having a fake output device that ignores all draw calls expect for images, which get to be redirected into files, then the PDF is rendered onto that, page by page

And for a hidden element, poppler is of course not issuing draw call. So the hidden map versions that are in the interactive maps won't get exported

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@neauoire I’m currently reading „a biography of the pixel“ (great book), and the author makes a great point (among many others):
A computer is fundamentally distinct from a calculator, because computation is universal.
The fact that most computers we build primarily crunch numbers distracts from another: The Turing Machine‘s definition does not require numbers, nor math operators, only symbols and rules. Computers are orthogonal to math :)

git silly 

@owl that’s like 80% of all valid Git invocations right there

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Mein Verhalten wurde unlängst fälschlicherweise als ungestüm bezeichnet.
Mein Einwand, dass es sich um gestümes Verhalten handele, wurde wegen angeblicher Nichtexistenz des Prädikats „gestüm“ abgelehnt.
Ich möchte hiermit in aller Entschiedenheit der Nichtexistenz des Wortes „gestüm“ entgegentreten und ihm sogar einen Hashtag zur Seite stellen.

So möge man fortan immer dann, wenn man ruhig und überlegt trötet den Hashtag #gestüm verwenden!

I think they gave me the wrong shirt, my phone claims I am not regular fit 🙃

@tindall And, coming back to systems comparison, there are ROG systems that consciously step away from combat and offer more rules for social interaction, to enable those fantasies.

I.e., D&D offers many verbs (Skills/Actions) for „hurt“, but only a single one for „Persuasion“

@tindall IMO the argument that D&D is a violence simulator has merit when comparing it to other systems. It doesn’t *only* do violence, but it makes a lot more affordances for solving problems through violence than other means, partly because of its wargame rules.

Much of the other fun stuff is less rigorously rules-based, so IME it’s (for instance) much harder to role-play a smooth-talker if you’re not one IRL than it is a mighty warrior/wizard.

Heck yeah, finished a big chonky project *right* before a two week vacation, so now hopefully I won’t think about work the entire time🤞

My spiciest music take 

@Louisa I can see that, but there are exceptions. Concept albums are one - in particular, Closure in Moscow‘s „Pink Lemonade“ is both a wild ride, and composed of 100% bangers.

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helo :blobcat: if you’ve been following us for a while you may already have the powderpaint EP and be waiting for the next one (new singles coming very soon!!), but if not, today, being bandcamp friday, where 100% proceeds go to the artist, is the day to do it :blobrainbow:

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Autofocus glasses!
What with the inexorable march of time etc, I find it harder to change focus from near to far.
These glasses have refocusable lenses (from some horrible cheap dial-eye specs), a couple of little linear servos to drive them, and a couple of endoscope camera modules to track my eyes.
The focus is adjusted based on where my eyes are converging.

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The makers of @pixelfed, the Fediverse photo sharing platform, have just created a slick new guide to the Fediverse at:

It's got a list of Fedi projects, a list of mobile apps for Fedi platforms and an opt-in directory of people to follow.

The directory is particularly interesting as it works very differently to FediFollows or Trunk. You add hashtags to your profile plus a special extra hashtag #Fedi22, then submit your profile to the site, and it will become searchable for the tags in your profile.

(And, yes, Mastodon is part of the Fediverse, see here for details:

#FediverseInfo #Fediverse #FediTips #MastoTips

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