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the year is 2050. GTK is still preparing the move to version 4, and has collaborated with the FBI to assassinate anyone who mentions the filepicker thumbnail bug. qt stil has an open source version, but it requires you to have create an account with a valid email address and physical address, and limits applications to only containing one window.

microsoft is still "transitioning away from winforms" to the Multiversal Windows Platform, For Real You Guys, We're Doing It Platform. iOS desktop (formerly macOS) has deprecated all system widgets in favour of the cloud. google has created an artificial intelligence to randomly create and deprecate new GUI frameworks, rendering it essentially impossible for anybody but them to create android apps with "native GUIs".

the only usable framework is electron, but everybody hates it because bloat.

as people struggle to find a desktop ui framework that hasn't been bogged down into uselessness by licensing issues or lack of features, a saviour emerges from the heavens: java swing

(I'm lucky enough to be set up to deal pretty well with the worst case both financially and health-wise, or so I believe.
mentally, though? not so much.)

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love to have my work assignment to another country (and the lease to my flat there) end just as a global pandemic causes travel bans and closed borders everywhere

torn between wishing for strict measures to , and hoping they're not so strict that I cannot return to my loved ones

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Today I learned that many/most color laser printers layer an array of yellow microdots on top of documents 🔬

This Machine Identification Code encodes a print date and a serial number unique to the machine. It only became public knowledge in 2004, ~20 year after deployment 😑

The Technical University of Dresden released a tool 2 years ago to layer on _even more dots_ to render the MIC unreadable and aid whistleblowers publishing

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Matt, I hope someone kills you, takes all of this shit you horded to turn a profit with and distributes it to people who need it. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck. You.

These are strange times indeed.

As a side note: This is flashy and all, but... unwieldy? why not use some other exotic, but less laborious, method to disperse this information? Like, Gopher or something.

it's not yet, but I want to share this picture of a cat at a Japanese temple, so can it by ?

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covid-19 semi shitpost (the news is real) 

I would like to remind everyone in these trying times that
a) Fear is the mind killer
b) The entire Rez OST is banging

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We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Wash your hands
#2) Don't touch your face
#3) Limit unnecessary public exposure

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Sonos is getting rid of their "recyling"-kill-switch, that effectively bricks Sonos devices in exchange for a discount on new ones. #RightToRepair works! No need to artificially produce more electronic waste than necessary

This looks really neat, and I really enjoy using search-first interfaces, like blender, spotlight, the windows start menu search and (arguably) emacs. It's definitely a better approach than just dumping everything into (context) menus.

But on some level, going search-first feels a bit like admitting defeat - although I get that with limited resources and a quicky evolving set of commands, having a dedicated UI/UX genius on payroll might be infeasible.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Yo, brain.

I know there's a part of you that makes me think "I love them" whenever I see my partner, no matter how unflattering they would consider what I'm seeing.

Can you please turn that in for myself?

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