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I saw an article about an idea to put self-driving cars on the road which can drive a tiny bit slower than other cars around them, gradually allowing a large gap of antitraffic to form in front of them, which can contract to destroy a traffic jam wave.
And I was like dude I've been doing that for 10 years and I'm not an AI. You don't need an AI, you need one person in a thousand to have read Bill Beatty's traffic wave theories.

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linux be like:
* in here, the data is binary
* whereas here, it is sbinary
* this is the place for optimal things, or maybe optical 🤔
* root directory, duh
* this is where users profiles are kept, just kidding
* the contents of this place are… variable?
* this is where libraries are put, except when they are put somewhere else
* these files run, but can't hide, i have no idea
* etc: this is the place for the really obscure things noone cares about

linux users be like: this is fine :thisisfine:

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Neil Cicierega makes music like he's building a THPS combo:

69,420 X 66
... + 360 Waluigi into Feel Good Inc. + Danny Elfman

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me: we should simply communicate in precise mathematical terms with no room for misinterpretation

me 7 hours a day: why is the computer doing that!!! fuck!!!

One more music post (for now): I really dig this professionally produced version of the OST to an Amiga game

Oh wow, I actually haven't played FF7 at all, but this is extremely my jam!

Gotta respect Amazon leaning into the"surveiling our customers 24/7" angle this hard.

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When the new York times profiled Peter thiel they included an absolutely bonkers line he said about why he prefers star wars

(It's a tiny mopping robot, and we've named it Moist von Lipwig)

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How many of you are designing technology where success means that __you__ do NOT scale exponentially? (But that a healthy ecosystem evolves where no one entity has monopolistic control?)


Case in point:

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actually, I'd recommend passing familiarity with at least two of those languages

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I don't think I've posted this here yet, and I'm not sure if there's an audience for it beyond the specific group of friends that came up with it, but if you
* like anime
* like bad puns
* know some words in one or more of {japanese, german, english, french}
* have a browser that can render emoji reliably

then give a go!

the idea is to guess which anime the series of emoji at the top represent (you'll get an explanation regardless of whether you answer correctly or not)

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