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Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of copyright restrictions, and free of cost


#technology #opensource #ebooks #reading #nodrm

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i once hired a girl at my bakery who had no resume, but she did gift me a shiny rock she found on the ground while walking over for her interview, because she said i seemed like the kind of person that likes shiny rocks. she may have been the best employee i ever had.

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got to delete several thousand lines of code at work today!

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Running with @ifixcoinops 's idea:

I've got an iPad Air 2, 64GB, with a red Smart Cover, that I'd like to get rid of and get a newer one. Works flawlessly, battery is fine, has a tiny nick on the front bezel.

Any Germany based followers want it?

Apple would give me ~120€ if I traded it in, so anything more than that (plus shipping) I'd be stoked with!

There's a tiny robot adorably, yet orderly, bumbling around my kitchen mopping the floors. It has bump sensors only, no wifi, and manages to clean an entire room without missing a spot, using half a cup of water in the process.

Why can't more technology be like this?

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"The Oxford comma sometimes makes sentences nonsensical. Here's an example:

Without: I sometimes enjoy eating pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs.

With: I sometimes enjoy eating pizza, hamburgers, and the Oxford comma."

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Things that are EXTREMELY my shit: this adorable form

true story: my wife-to-be gave me this form to finish filling out, long before we started dating. I still have it in a drawer somewhere.

Normalize piecemeal relationship building!!

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living room looking like a raytracing demo this morning

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I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

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It's illegal to enter buildings in the zone as most of them are completely unstable, and due to a new zone administration there's typically no bribing your way out of a situation. Sometimes in the most unsuspecting places you may find street art left behind by a Stalker who risked arrest for something many will never see. Somewhat of a real life Easter egg, or a subtle nod to defiance: "You're not suppose to be here."

Location: Chernobyl Exclusion-zone, Ukraine. 2019.


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linux, catgirls, anime eye contact as filtered through monospace text, programming 

once upon a time (yesterday) @ln wrote that, if ps(1) shows processes on Linux, then pspsps shows catgirls

as a result, I made this.

it is a bit of overkill I'm afraid, but welp, Mommy is back to the softwares I guess 🤷‍♀️

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Sailfish is a faint glimmer of hope, but frankly, I don't think they have the kind of money to throw at UX that MS, or even BlackBerry on its last leg, pumped into their mobile OSs.

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