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"Tides" – a demo using only HTML sliders, released at Revision 2022! 💙 Music by @winniehell!

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the #conlang nerd in me is so tickled that more than one person has designed and/or build #tokiPona keyboards 🤓
There is a non-zero chance that I may try to make a pi zero terminal or something to use with the discord and at some point

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Someone just informed me about the first road trip in history and there’s just SO many incredible details here??? She had to get out and push it up hills, convince pharmacies to make her the novel fuel it used, and get a cobbler to invent better brakes

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The reason for that is that the second sentence secretly has a different grouping of words:

„I [didn’t understand] [some of those things].“

„I didn’t [understand all of those things].“

What’s interesting about this is how just changing „some“ to „all“ caused my brain to change the grouping automatically. Is that true for your brain as well?

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I never really thought about this before, but

„I didn’t understand some of those things.“
„I didn’t understand all of those things.“

Communicate the same information (modulo tiny nuance), despite at first glance seeming like they should be pretty different.

Almost done with Tunic!
I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that it owes a lot to Fez and The Witness in a way that no review I’ve seen mentions, and I mean that in a *very* positive way.

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Heck yeah Turbo Vision is back.

Modern *nix TUIs always look like something from the early 80's while DOS had far better things going by the early 90's.

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Small hill I will die on:

The “a11y” abbreviation is not very accessible.

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wholesome: some
threesome: some some some
halfsome: so

Huh, so now I have „pretty keyboard with okay switches“ (this) and „amazing switches but quite ugly keyboard“ (my Matias Quiet Pro).

Either way, I’m proud of having assembled this myself (my first successful project with lead-free solder), feels like a Jedi building their own Lightsaber!

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So this is what all those thousands of employees are working on! We've reached peak UI!

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What #Russia occupational forces are doing in #Chernobyl is totally irresponsible but no, the spent fuel is not going to overheat. The newest #nuclear spent fuel in Chernobyl is 22 years old and has already lost most of its activity a decade ago. These scenarios of disconnected power had been tested long ago during #Ukraine and EU joint exercises and confirmed that after two months without electricity the fuel rods temperature would rise to 48°C. All other scenarios, including total loss of water have been also predicted, tested and prevented. Report of Ukraine.pdf

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Overnight Oats are just Cold Brew Porridge, change my mind.

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n=1;w=$(look .|egrep "^\w{5}$"|shuf|head -1);for i in {1..6};do read -p"$((n++))? " g;for i in $(seq 0 ${#g});do l=${g:$i:1};[[ $l == ${w:$i:1} ]]&&printf "\e[42m$l\e[0m"||printf "$l";done;echo;[[ "$g" == "$w" ]]&&break;grep --color=always "[$w]" <<<"$g";done;echo ans:\ $w

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Sie sind ähnlich groß, stehen im selben Hochwasser und haben rauh-kreischige Stimmen. Wie soll man die #Vögel unterscheiden? Hier das ultimative Vergleichsbild: eine #Möwe ist weiß, eine #Rabenkrähe schwarz!

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Buying a console from GamesTop is like taking home a little kitten to cuddle. Consoles are tiny enough to live in your house. Convenient. Tame. Domesticated. POINTLESS ANIMALS. TURN THEM INTO SAUSAGES AND COME PLAY REAL GAMES AT FUN PIT. Our games are wild games in their native habitat, like tigers or feral hogs. It was a mistake to breed them small enough for the home, as you'll see. OUR GAMES WILL DEVOUR YOU AND LICK YOUR BONES CLEAN.

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